services we provide

Our residents enjoy a range of services enabling them to enjoy their retirement.

There are no extra “hidden” charges or annual maintenance levy applied to villas

All these services are provided to residents at no additional cost.

external view of the retirement villas

The Village

The Lady Clark Retirement Village is a not for profit, Tasmanian Owned and Operated, independent organisation.  We have 78 independent living villas, of which 71 are single bedroom villas (approximately 6 squares in area) with the balance being two bedroom villas (approximately 10 squares in area), set in a spacious garden setting over approximately six acres.  Our villas are not "crammed in" and the parkland feel has been upheld.  It is a retirement village that allows residents the freedom to live as they would in their own home, but with the advantage of freeing up finances that would normally be tied up in real estate.

Residents Responsibilities

Residents are requested to accept and adhere to the Village Rules. They cover such issues as noise and use of facilities.  The rules are designed to protect the rights of residents as well as creating a harmonious environment in which to live.  Residents are responsible for their own utility charges such as telephone/internet, Aurora electricity accounts and replacement light globes.

Apart from all the obvious advantages of being free from the upkeep of our own home, we have the added bonus of feeling safe and secure here.
June and Jim Thurgood