Lady Clark Retirement Village for independent retirees

How we work

As a current registered Charity and not-for-profit organisation, the Lady Clark Retirement Village is strategically overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors and administered by a fully qualified and professional Chief Executive Officer. With a sustainable long-term strategy, the fully owned association dedicates all its revenue and resources back into the upkeep and improvement of the Centre on behalf of its members. To ensure each and every member of the Lady Clark Retirement Village feels safe and secure, an all hours local telephone number is provided for the times when the Chief Execuitve Officer is not on site. All requests, both of a maintenance or pastoral nature are attended to in a timely manner, to ensure the continued welfare and happiness of our respected members.

Life Residency

Upon taking up residency at the Village, you become a life member of the association. This in turn guarantees all members a home for life and removes the worry of your rented home being sold out from under you. As a member of Lady Clark you never have to worry about a villa being taken away from you. On average, members reside at Lady Clark for up to 18 years plus. Our aim is to welcome you into the village lifestyle whilst respecting your choice to remain independent.

Rental Obligation

Upon taking up residency of a villa, a one-off non-refundable entry contribution is payable in addition to a fully refundable bond payment. Following these payments a regular low rental payment is made fortnightly and covers villa maintenance and village infrastructure costs.
Apart from all the obvious advantages of being free from the upkeep of our own home, we have the added bonus of feeling safe and secure here.
June and Jim Thurgood