answers to common questions?

Am I able to have family or friends visit and stay with me?

Yes, family or friends are welcome to visit and/or stay with you at your villa.  It is requested that Management be informed if a relative or friend is staying for an extended period to ensure compliance with insurance policies.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Yes, cats and small dogs are welcome at the Village. There is a set of rules which need to be adhered to.  However, they have been developed around the health and happiness of your pet, as well as consideration of your neighbours.

Can we make alterations to our villa?

Upon taking up tenancy, residents may, with the prior approval of management, make alterations to the interior of the villa.  The villa is your home and we consider the personalisation of your home to be extremely important

Do we need household insurance?

The Lady Clark Retirement Village provides a$30,000 contents policy against fire, theft and flooding.  Therefore, unless you have an expensive item or antique which may carry its own insurance, household insurance is covered in your rent.  All building insurances, Council rates and Water rates are also covered in your rent, there is no additional charges for these items.

Do you have nursing facilities?

No, the Lady Clark Retirement Village is an independent living retirement village.  Having said that, residents may organise community nursing or home help according to what they are entitled to.

How many villas do you have at the Village?

There are 78 independent living villas at the Centre.  There are six two-bedroom villas, with the balance being one-bedroom villas.  The one-bedroom villas have been built for the comfort of singles or married couples.  The rooms are spacious with built in robes in the bedroom. 

If I go on holiday will my home be safe?

All villas are provided with an internal alarm system.  The system is easily activated by a pin number and may be used either when you go on holidays or when you are home in your villa.

The residents of the 'village' can rest easy in the knowledge the Lady Clark Retirement Village is owned out right. This assurity provides its members with the peace of mind their villas will be available to them for as long as they wish.
Julia Alexander - CEO