Helping retirees to live independently

The Lady Clark Retirement Village is an Incorporated Association who provide low cost, secure housing to independent retirees.  We are a registered charity and a not for profit organisation. All monies raised are put back into the Village to benefit our residents.

What Makes Us Different

The Lady Clark Retirement Village operates as a not for profit organisation. We provide low cost housing in a secure environment to independent retirees.

Voting Rights

As a resident at the Lady Clark Retirement Village, you become a non financial member of the association with an annual undertaking to elect the voluntary non executive Board of Directors as your strategic representatives. They in turn delegate authorised responsibility to the duly appointed Chief Executive Officer to manage the full operational requirements of the Village.

The Villas at Lady Clark are positioned in such a way one could be forgiven for not realising it is part of a Retirement Village. Independent living within the village is just that. Residents can have as much or as little involvement with each other as they choose.
Julia Alexander - Manager
Julia Alexander - CEO